The Hubby and I spent a long weekend in Vegas recently to get away from everyday life.  I’ve come to realize that Vegas isn’t where you should go if you are trying to spend a weekend relaxing. We had a really good time but came back exhausted. Everyday was just “go, go, go” the whole time.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been out there and the characters on the strip sure have changed.  This is my favorite picture from our days walking the strip!


Allen from the Hangover complete with Baby Carlos! Haha!!

I found this little excerpt that I wrote when cleaning out the old desk in our room.

Sometimes in the midst of the attack, when you are convinced you are fighting for your life, it’s hard to imagine how you will ever survive. But once the smoke starts to clear and the bigger picture starts to show, you realize just what you were being saved from and how going through the experience will make you a stronger and better person. Today, I am thankful for all the things I have been saved from.

I wrote this after going through an extremely hard time. A time when I was betrayed by my best friend. A time when I felt everything important had been stripped away from me. Little did I know that my life would take a turn for the better. It would be simplified in so many ways. I couldn’t see just how thankful I would be for that betrayal and how my eyes would be opened to life’s bigger picture.

So don’t convince yourself that it’s hopeless. Give yourself time to think things through. Just hold on and never give up. Once the initial pain starts to fade, you’ll see the sun again.  And once you’re far enough away from the hard times, you’ll see just how much stronger you are.



My husband and I went to dinner last night. Kids were spending the night elsewhere so we ran out for just a little bit. On the way home I asked to stop by the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine. He dropped me off out front and I ran in, heading straight for the wine isle. I usually rush in, grab exactly what I came for and rush out because he will make one big lap around the parking lot and I’ll be waiting out front to be picked up. This trip wouldn’t be a super quick one.

When I got to the isle where my favorite wine is kept, I noticed an older lady looking for a bottle for herself. She was probably around 70. She looked a bit confused. I asked her if she needed help finding something and we started talking while I helped her find a bottle that we both thought she would like.

She told me that tomorrow was her husband’s birthday. He loved wine and she wanted to have a bottle to celebrate that. Only then did she tell me that he passed away about six months ago. This would be his first birthday that she will celebrate without him.  See, he would enjoy a glass of his favorite red a few times a week. She never joined him because she just didn’t like wine. Now, she regrets never having a glass of wine with him.

We talked for a few more minutes.  She left with a bottle and so did I. She was such a sweet lady and I could tell that she loved and missed her husband so much.  I made it to the car before the tears started to fall.

What a great wake up call for me and now you… don’t miss out on the small things in life. These little moments are the most important. These moments are what makes memories that last a lifetime.

littlethings are bigthings


I know I haven’t posted to the blog in months.  I plan to change that and start sharing more with you guys!!  We’ve had a lot going on in our lives.  I realize – even clearer – that my life is not going to slow down.  Honestly, I don’t want it to.  I just have to learn to keep up!  🙂

Get ready for more posts from Elegantly Said!



in·de·ci·sion noun \ˌin-di-ˈsi-zhən\ – a wavering between two or more possible courses of action

Indecision is killing me right now!!  I’m not sure why it is so hard for me to make a decision.  Actually I do know… fear of making the wrong decision is keeping me from making any choice at all.  Knowing this reason isn’t making it any easier though.  It’s so frustrating!!

If it were just me depending on me to make the right choice, I think I would be OK.  What puts the pressure on is knowing that my husband and two children also expect me to make the best decision.  If I screw it up, they suffer too.  My kids are old enough now to know what is going on and to remember the consequences, should there by any.  Add in the economic uncertainty in every aspect of all of our lives right now, and that pressure feels like it is about to boil over.

Should I submit my resume on that job?  Should I even be looking at a job change right now at all?  Should I make that purchase or leave the money in savings? Should we make those repairs to our house?  Should we still be looking to move? Question after question.

Deep down inside, I know that no matter what decisions I/We make… we will be OK.  We always are and we are usually stronger as well.  Sometimes it just takes longer to come to that realization.  🙂

In the meantime, I plan to research all of my options.  Talk about them with my husband and then make a choice and stick to it.  Should there be consequences down the road, we will face them together.

Do you have a hard time making choices?  How do you handle indecision?