This weekend was entirely too busy for me!  The last day of school for the kids was Friday.  My son’s baseball banquet was Friday night, Summer celebration parties with friends were on Saturday and Sunday afternoon was spent at the waterpark. Busy Busy Busy!!

Despite of my very full schedule, I did manage to carve out some time for working out.  Friday night I got a brisk walk in on the treadmill (1.85 miles in 30 mins), Saturday was my day off from working out.  It worked out good because I spent most of the day not feeling well. And Sunday, the hubby and I rode our bikes (6.86 miles in 33 mins) and I did a few strength training excercises with him using his free weights.  I’ve never really worked out with weights before and my arms still feel tired!

I cooked all weekend which saved us from eating out.  Friday night, the kids were craving chicken tenders so I made us an oven-baked alternative that was really good.  I took my chicken tenders and seasoned them with salt, pepper and garlic and coated them with Miracle Whip Light salad dressing (just enough to cover each piece of chicken). Then I rolled them in bread crumbs (I combine regular bread crumbs and Panko crumbs to make them a bit crisper after cooking).  Next, bake them in the oven at 375 degrees until the are browned.  There you have it oven baked fried chicken.  They were really good. 

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I ran across an article on Yahoo news about the best excercise to get your abs in tip-top shape. Here is the video demonstrating the move. I should post a video of myself trying to do it. It would be comedy gold. LOL  But if I keep at it, my abs will get stronger and one day I can make it look as easy as the instructor does.

By now many of you know how much I love  Check out this calendar for June with daily tips on getting more active!


Let me know if you are also a member of Spark People.  I’d love to connect with you there. 


Today was a good day!  I woke up early and was able to walk for 15 minutes on the treadmill before hitting the shower.  Man, what a difference it made in my day.  I didn’t feel like I hit a wall at 3:00 in the afternoon like I usually do.  My only complaint was feeling nauseated for most of the morning.  I walked on an empty stomach which was probably the cause.  I did eat a bowl of Cheerios this morning (after my walk) but it wasn’t until after my mid morning snack, which was a low fat mozzarella cheese stick, that I started to feel better.  Tomorrow, I’m going to switch breakfast up and make sure that I include a good source of protein and see if it makes a difference.

Some of you may have heard of (if not check it out).  It is a great FREE website where you can track your food, fitness and weight/measurements.  It is also full of great information including recipes, workout plans and videos, and offers a huge support community.  I love my SparkPeople!!! 

If you don’t have internet access for part of the day or if you prefer to keep a written food journal, please check out this printable diet tracker that I put together.  It is not fancy by any means, but breaks down breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with calories guides, has a spot to mark your water and fruit/veggies totals for the day and an area to record your excercise. 

Today’s Accomplishments:

  • Did not hit snooze and logged 15 mintues on the treadmill this morning.
  • Rode 7.70 miles in 40 mintues on my bike.  Not the fastest time for me but I concentrated on pedaling the entire time.
  • Made healthy snack choices: mozerella cheese stick and an orange.

Be sure and check back tomorrow for one of my favorite recipes and a great app to help log your workouts. 

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Day 1 of the Spring into Shape Challenge is behind me.   I will admit that I was not prepared today as far as my nutrition.  I let the fruit and veggies baskets run dry, but I did make it to the grocery store to stock up.

I plan to tackle a few trouble spots for me over the next two weeks.  I hope that these changes will become habit if I stick with it. 

  • Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. 
  • Get up early each morning to exercise during the work week… even if only for 15 minutes.
  • Trade soda (diet included) for water. 

Today’s Accomplishments:

  • Planned out and shopped for my breakfast and lunch meals for the week.  Lunch is typically my trouble spot because it is so easy to run out and pick something up. 
  • I walked 1.89 miles on the treadmill in 31 minutes. 

Check back tomorrow to see how I spread my calories out over the course of a day.

Please visit these other blogs as they Spring Into Shape with me!!