There is no arguing that Steve Job’s has touched everyone of our lives in some way or another.  He will be greatly missed.  His passing hit me hard in the sense that it is incredibly sad and it isn’t fair.  It is sad to watch such a vibrant person waste away with cancer and it isn’t fair that this disease took him at such a young age of 56. 

Please consider honoring Steve Jobs’ life with a donation to the American Cancer Society or another charity fighting this terrible disease. 


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Last week’s tornado outbreak in the south has officially set records for the most tornados recorded in one 24 hour period…. 312!  Yes 312 tornados touched down and 23 of those were in Alabama. 

I know that the news has shifted focus from the damage to the Royal wedding and now to the death of Bin Laden, but those affected by these storms still need our help. 

Sarah at The Anvil Tree has been posting with her accounts on some of the damage.

You can help by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999.  That will donate $10 to the Red Cross and the Alabama Relief Efforts.   

I thought this was kinda cool and gross all at the same time.  Gross, because I really can’t stand to even look at one of these gigantic roaches.  But the money donated does go to help animals. 

For $10.00 you can name a Madagascar Hissing Roach after your loved one.  You’ll receive a memorable certificate of honor to that certain someone explaining that there’s a special insect living at the Bronx Zoo with his or her name on it.  Plus your $10.00 donation helps the Wildlife Conservation Society.  Click here to name your roach.

I think everyone has heard of the fast food restaurant Wendy’s. And it’s commercials made Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, a recognizable figure. Some of you may not know that Dave Thomas was adopted as a child and worked hard in his adult life to help other children waiting on their forever families with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. 

DTFA works hard to find permanent loving homes for the 115,000 US children in foster care.  If you are intereted in or considering adoption as a way to grow your family, please visit DTFA’s website.  It is packed full of useful information.

You can find several FREE adoption guide books here.

Many of you may have followed the story of Layla Grace as she and her family bravely fought cancer.  Her parents formed the Layla Grace Foundation after her passing.  “The Layla Grace Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to discovering new treatments for children diagnosed with high-risk cancer through donations, events, and community outreach. We stand apart with our positive approach of arming families with the resources to guide them through the treatment journey.”

The foundation kicked off the Layla Grace’s 12 Days of Christmas Fundrasier a few days ago.   Every donation enters you to win a $250 Target gift card.