I sincerely hope that this is a joke!  LOL



How do you know that the toy you just picked up off the shelf as a Christmas present is really safe for children?  Most retailers pull any items that are recalled or deemed dangerous for kids, but that doesn’t mean that mistakes can’t happen. 

This is NOT a recalled toy.


A few minutes of online research can help you pick safe toys this Christmas.  ToySafety.org puts out an annual list of the Top 10 Worst Toys.  2011′s list has been updated.  While on their site, read over the list of Toy Hazards

You can also view recalled toy information online.  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps an updated list of recalled toys online.  (HINT: There isn’t a search function on the page, but using the Alt-F shortcut in Internet Explorer allows you to search any webpage’s text.)  To stay up to date on recalls, sign up for CPSC’s email list. 

A few quick tips for Toy Safety:

  • Choose toys that are age appropriate.  Each box should display a suggested age range.
  • If the child you are buying for still puts things into their mouth, steer clear of toys with small parts.  These small parts can create chocking hazards.  
  • Toys with magnets can be very dangerous if swallowed.  Those small magnets can bind together while passing through the digestive system and cause major issues that may require surgery.
  • Don’t purchase items with strings or cords that could wrap around children’s necks. 
  • Be careful with “costume jewelry” or painted toys.  The paint may contain lead which could lead to poisoning and is irreversible.
  • Purchase any needed safety equipment at the time you purchase the toy.  For example,  purchase a helmet and pads at the same time you purchase a bicycle.  It only takes one second to fall and hurt themselves.  

Last year, an estimated 140,700 children were treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms after toy-related incidents and 13 children died.  It only takes a few extra minutes to make sure your purchase is a good one. 





I have two dogs…. two dogs who I wish could tell me what they are thinking.  I swear sometimes that they are almost human.  The expressions on their face can be priceless.  They understand so much of what we say to them too.  It’s probably a good thing that they can’t talk, Lord knows the secrets they would spill.  LOL

Here’s a little Wednesday animal humor to help speed along the rest of the week. 

funny dog pictures - A nice pawdicure helps make me feel pretty


funny dog pictures - Heer wi come tu save teh day!
funny dog pictures - lickin envelopez  not yumz




I’ve always thought that calendars can make a good Christmas present (for some people on my list anyway).  While browsing Barnes & Noble the other day I came face to face with the Extraordinary Chickens 2012 calendar.  That got me to thinking what other unusual calendars could I find.

Here are 5 strange but real 2012 Calendars:

Steven Green Armytage Extraordinary Chickens 2012 Calendar - 12x12

Steven Green Armytage Extraordinary Chickens 2012 Calendar


  Yoga Cats 2012 Wall Calendar 12" X 12"

 Yoga Cats 2012 Calendar (Yoga Dogs is available too)

I’ll admit, maybe this one is more cute than strange. 



Found Animals: 6 Packs 9 Lives 2012 Wall Calendar

Ummm, this one is just wrong! LOL


Mapping Stereotypes The Ultimate Bigot’s Calendar of the World



 365 Facts that Will Scare the S#*t Out of You 2012


I did run across a few that were flat-out bizarre, but didn’t feel like I could post them here.  Things that would probably be listed in some fetish categories.  To each their own I suppose. 

Have you seen any other strange calendars out there?



I spent a few minutes this morning browsing DamnYouAutoCorrect.com.  I needed a laugh and I found some.  

Here are a few of my favorites today. 




Visit Damn You Auto Correct for more funny screenshots.