My husband and I went to dinner last night. Kids were spending the night elsewhere so we ran out for just a little bit. On the way home I asked to stop by the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine. He dropped me off out front and I ran in, heading straight for the wine isle. I usually rush in, grab exactly what I came for and rush out because he will make one big lap around the parking lot and I’ll be waiting out front to be picked up. This trip wouldn’t be a super quick one.

When I got to the isle where my favorite wine is kept, I noticed an older lady looking for a bottle for herself. She was probably around 70. She looked a bit confused. I asked her if she needed help finding something and we started talking while I helped her find a bottle that we both thought she would like.

She told me that tomorrow was her husband’s birthday. He loved wine and she wanted to have a bottle to celebrate that. Only then did she tell me that he passed away about six months ago. This would be his first birthday that she will celebrate without him.  See, he would enjoy a glass of his favorite red a few times a week. She never joined him because she just didn’t like wine. Now, she regrets never having a glass of wine with him.

We talked for a few more minutes.  She left with a bottle and so did I. She was such a sweet lady and I could tell that she loved and missed her husband so much.  I made it to the car before the tears started to fall.

What a great wake up call for me and now you… don’t miss out on the small things in life. These little moments are the most important. These moments are what makes memories that last a lifetime.

littlethings are bigthings


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