We took the kids to play Putt Putt this weekend.  The hubby and I were sharing the score keeping duty.  At the 15th hole, I see him over at one of the stands that you can use to write on and I just assumed that he was working on our score card.  The next thing I know he said that I wouldn’t believe what someone had written on the stand.  I walked over to take a look and he had written “Hubby ♥’s Wifey” using our names of course.  This coming from a man who is not publically romantic at all. I told him how sweet that was and then he planted a kiss on me…. in front of other people.  WOW!!!

Even after 16 years together he still suprises me and he can still make me feel like he did in the very beginning.



  1. Awww. That’s so sweet.

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