I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the two-hour premiere of Dallas over the weekend.  I loved the original series and I’m really hoping TNT’s remake is just as good.



Right after our son was born, the original Dallas series played on FX in order and in its entirety.  It holds a special place in my heart.  Sounds stupid right?  Let me explain.  It came on at 10:00 or 10:30 in the evening (I can’t remember exactly).  It was perfect timing for us.  I would put the baby to bed and the hubby and I would crawl into our bed and relax watching the show.  During that super hectic first year of having J, our time watching Dallas was “our time”.  Monday through Friday we had a date every night to watch the show together.  I really got into it.  I was too young to understand the show when it came on originally, so all of those reruns were practically new to me.  I couldn’t wait to see what JR and Sue Ellen would do to each other next or how Bobby and JR would double cross each other this week.



I liked these first two episodes.  Some of the past history was laid out for the viewer, but it really just jumped right back into the double crossing, back stabbing ways of the Ewings.  JR is still very much JR… you love to hate him.  His son John Ross certainly picked up on his daddy’s behavior.  Bobby and his son Christopher are not pushovers either.  They have no problem fighting for what they think is right.  I hope this series does well.

I do have one request… JR can you do something about those eyebrows?  They are so distracting.  LOL

For more information on the show you can visit Dallas online, like their Facebook Page or follow the show on Twitter.

Did you watch the new series premiere of Dallas?  What are your thoughts about it?




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