Today I am thankful for:

  • My amazing husband.  I can’t believe that we have spent almost 14 years in wedded bliss together.  I love him more now than I ever did.  He is my best friend.  He is my rock.  He treats me like a princess when I need it but let’s me fight the battles that I need to fight on my own.
  • My wonderful kids.  They are really who make me important in this world.  If I raise two smart, responsible, compassionate and happy people to turn loose into the world, then my mission will be complete.  I try to be a little more like them each day.  Their innocence and wonderment of the world is something we all should strive for.
  • My family.  The hubs and I have such a great family surrounding and supporting us.  The kids couldn’t ask for better grandparents and I love that they have such a great relationship.  This is something that I didn’t grow up with and something that I really wanted for them.
  • That we always have “enough”.  I may not have everything that I want, but I always have enough.  This is something that is always being shown to me.  I have learned not to worry about everything.  In the end, whatever the situation is, we always come out alive.  Most of the time, we come out better and stronger than before.  I’ve learned that “enough” is really all that I need.

There is no way that I could ever list all of the things or all of the people who I am thankful for.  I am such a lucky girl and I love the life that I have so very much.

Let’s all reflect on what we are thankful and grateful for this Thanksgiving week.  Be sure and tell those close to you how much they mean to you.  Even if they know it, it’s nice to hear.




  1. Love the qutoes!
    Colleen recently posted..My Feelings Today

  2. Today, I am thankful for always having a chance to ‘begin again.’
    Robert Rogers recently posted..We Can Always Get it Right-

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