I’ve spent a lot of time lately really thinking about the relationship I have with a few family members. I won’t subject you to all 34 years of that history, because it is a complicated beast. I’ve spent a lot of my life (both as a child and adult) trying to live up to this image of perfection; striving for approval that never seems to be there.  I’m amazed at how this need affects other areas and relationships in my life.

The older I get the more comfortable I grow with me, with my thoughts, opinions and with my choices.  I like who I am.  I like the life that I have.  I love the family that I have created.  I think I have done a great job.

I’m letting go of the need to please.  I’m letting go of the need to be perfect.  I know that it is OK to set boundaries.  I know that is it OK to lay out terms for our relationship.  I know that it is OK if they don’t accept those terms.  I won’t cease to be me and I won’t stop being happy.

My advice to you is to live the life that makes YOU happy!  Don’t stress yourself out trying to fit into someone else’s idea of perfection.  It’s OK to walk away from people who only bring you down.   



  1. I hear ya. I feel the same way sometimes. Hugs!
    Lisa @ljenator recently posted..Nobody liked caroling with Yoda. | Star Wars Christmas

  2. Totally agree with you!! It’s great to finally let “perfection” go, and at 41 yrs of age….I love that I can admit…I need all the help I can get. Adding a third child to my family really helped me with that.

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