I have two dogs…. two dogs who I wish could tell me what they are thinking.  I swear sometimes that they are almost human.  The expressions on their face can be priceless.  They understand so much of what we say to them too.  It’s probably a good thing that they can’t talk, Lord knows the secrets they would spill.  LOL

Here’s a little Wednesday animal humor to help speed along the rest of the week. 

funny dog pictures - A nice pawdicure helps make me feel pretty


funny dog pictures - Heer wi come tu save teh day!
funny dog pictures - lickin envelopez  not yumz





  1. Love these! The turtle one is hilarious!
    Kathleen recently posted..Funny Pregnancy Quotes

  2. E @ Elegantly Said says:

    The turtle is my favorite. My college roommate had a “pet” turtle that looked like this one. Too cute!!

  3. HAHA – those are so funny. I never capture any funny pictures like that of my dog for some reason.
    Robin recently posted..The Guilt Olympics

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