Did you see the post about my new running shoes?  I love them!  It’s sad (am I’m really embarrassed) that I’ve waited so long to get a pair of shoes that actually fit my feet correctly and are the right size.  Let me tell you that it makes ALL the difference in the world.  My feet don’t hurt and my calfs/shins aren’t cramping up.  Apparently, you need to purchase running shoes a full size bigger than what you usually wear.  Shoes that are too small can cause shin splints.   

Anyhoo, I restarted the Couch to 5K program last week.  Miss K has been my partner in crime.  She can’t keep up the pace jogging with me, so he rides her scooter to keep me company.  Plus, it’s hard to say no to her when she is so excited to go.  I’ve needed that extra motivation to get out there.   

I’ve lost 12 pounds since June of this year.  When school let out, I started riding my mountain bike around some neighborhoods in our town to get my fitness and weight loss plan started.  Since school started again for the kids and the evenings are getting shorter and shorter, I don’t have as many chances to ride as I did during the summer.  I’ve hit a plateau these last 3 weeks, so I’m hoping that picking up the pace and getting back to jogging during the week and riding on the weekends will help me get over the hump.  

If I consistantly lose around 1.5 to 2 pounds per week, I should hit my weight loss goal right around Christmas.  What an awesome present that would be to myself!!

If you are interested in doing the Couch to 5K plan, there are several apps available for your smartphone that make it easier.  I use the app by Bluefin Software, LLC.  You can also find a printable plan online at Cool Running.   




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