Episode 2 of American Horror Story has come and gone.  I didn’t post about it this morning because I’ve been digesting exactly what happened all day.  STOP HERE IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED.  SOME OF THIS CONVERSATION MAY SPOIL IT FOR YOU.

I have more questions than answers after the second episode.  Here are my thoughts:

  • I’m pretty sure that the only people who are alive are the Harmons.
  • I’m confused at Tate’s character.  He obviously interacts with the maid (who has to be dead), but Ben called his mother to say he couldn’t treat him anymore.
  • Could Constance be Tate’s mom?  Maybe that is why she baked the cupcakes that were meant ONLY for Violet…  she is jealous of his infatuation with her. However, their clothing doesn’t match time periods.
  • Constance could also be jealous of Violet because her she feels her own daughter isn’t “normal” or pretty. 
  • Constance mentioned that she did have one son who was perfect.  Could the latex suit man be this son? 
  • Speaking of him, I’m pretty sure that he is the father of Vivian’s baby.  I think that is why she knows that something is wrong. 
  • I haven’t figured out the time frame.  It has been one year since they lost the baby.  Ben had an affair with a student.  But she is now pregnant.  She wasn’t far along, so the move must have come suddenly after Vivien found out about the affair. 
  • The scar faced man.. could he be Constance’s husband and Addy’s father?  But I don’t think Addy’s current age would fit that time frame. 
  • And who is in the basement rolling the ball to her?  I think it’s the baby whose head was in the jar early in the first episode.

Like I said, I have more questions than I have answers.  I wonder how it will all play out.  Vivien wants to sell the house, so how will the house keep them there?  Can’t wait until next week’s episode. 

Here’s a cool extra from FX.  You can tour the home for extra clues.   

Please leave me your thoughts on the show.  What do you think will happen next? 



  1. Remember how in the first episode the realtor said that the house was made by a Dr. I think that was Constance’s husband and she had the maid then and ended up killing her when she was young b/c she had an affair with the Dr.

    Tate has me all confused. My husband kept saying he was a part of the house then I was like you the mom on the phone. Not sure if he is Constance’s son or not.

    Oh yeah on the baby. I think she made the cupcakes b/c she knew Vivian would eat one and then she would be sick and think everything is ok.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Creepy, scary, weird, and a bit sexy. Just what I like 😉
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  2. E @ Elegantly Said says:

    I hadn’t really considered that Constance could have been the Doctor’s wife. That does make sense. The more I think about the scar faced man (I need to figure out what his name is), I think he is dead. Maybe he died in prison and then come back to join the house. Maybe he doesn’t know that he is dead. I’ve never really watched a show where I sat and thought about it ALL week. I can’t wait for the next episode. I love it too!!!

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