Sharing a few tips that I have picked up during these last few weeks of adding running to my fitness routine.   

  1. Have the correct running gear.  That means good shoes and clothes.  Wear tight spandex pants to prevent chafing.  Invest in a pair of running socks.  Cotton socks can cause blisters. Ladies make sure you have a good sports bra.
  2. Drink water and drink it throughout the day.
  3. Try not to eat in the 2 hours before your run.
  4. Run facing traffic and never assume that the driver of those cars have seen you.  You’d be surprised at how clueless most are.
  5. Run without ear buds or with just one in.  Be aware of your surroundings. 
  6. Don’t stretch before you head out.  Warm up with a few minutes of running in place.  Stretch after you are finished.
  7. Not every run will feel good.  You will have to battle through some.  But even those bad ones count as runs and get you closer to your goal.
  8. Stop and walk a short bit if you are out of breath.  There’s no shame in doing so. 
  9. Running is (in my opinion) more mental than physical.  Tell yourself you can do it.  Believe you can do it and get it done.
  10. Most importantly – Start out slow.  Pushing too hard will end in injury.  That means no running and no progress. 




  1. Right now, I am running in my mind, and hoping my knee heals well enough to make that a reality. Thanks for the tips!
    Virginia from That Bald Chick recently posted..A Sesame Street Christmas- Part 2

  2. Great tips! I am ready, ready, ready to get back into working out!
    Lisa @ljenator recently posted..The one candy I would never hand out at Halloween!

  3. Angela wise says:

    I have a couple to add…I’m not really a beginner runner but I’m training for my first 1/2 marathon. If you jog at night wear reflective clothing and consider a headlamp. It helps you see the potholes. If you don’t wear a headlamp consider a light on your clothing…it helps drivers to see you even if their lights aren’t reflecting off of you. Consider wearing an ID bracelet or carry something with some vital info on it in case something does happen and you are unable to relay this info to rescue personnel. And finally if you are somewhere unfamiliar look up your route on mapquest or It’ll show you the streets and it’ll and even tell you how long your chosen route is…also look up local running websites. Some unexpected places (like Indianapolis) have wonderful trails along the waterways…

    • E @ Elegantly Said says:

      Great tips Angela! I never run after dark so I didn’t think about the light or reflective clothing. And I can’t believe I didn’t think to add the tip about carrying ID. Thanks!! Hope to see you around the blog again soon. 🙂

  4. The ID bracelet is a great idea…reflective vest is great too, new balance sells one at walmart for 7-8~! I an id bracelet for running and I end up wearing it while hiking too.

    I map my run and send it to my sweety, so if i get hurt or hit…he knows the route I was taking. i run with my dogs when i can.

    Short anecdote: I was on a 12 mile hike and a guy pops up outta the bushes. Both my dogs that normally love all people went nuts! Barking and growling like they were gonna hurt him. I passed unharmed and the dogs got special treats later that night. Go with someone!!! Twice the health.

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