It seems there is always a group of movies that I watch every time they are on TV.  And that group changes depending on what movies are in rotation at the time.  

Here are 6 of my “must watch” movies right now (in no particular order):




 What are your favorite movies right now? What you do watch again and again?




  1. Dreamer of Dreams says:

    Shooter was a fantastic movie as is most of Mark’s films as he puts so much into the characters he plays. That particular film had a fantastic cast which also featured some awesome action and cunning and plotting. When I watched Secretariat I was glued to the screen for the entire film, I could not tear myself away. Now I will mention upfront I am not a big fan of horseracing but I am a fan of the interaction humans have with animals. John Malkovich is one of my favorite actors due to his ability to play unusual characters, which I just love. The scene that really took me and brought me to tears was when Diane Lane’s character tells Secretariat to run that final race of the film the way he wants to run it. Therefore, he does, and it’s amazing and obvious that the director was showing the understanding between the two characters. Brings goose bumps top my arms as I type about it, there is so much intelligence in other species and credit is just not given to the level it should be. When I watched that race, I was up on my feet and smiling and cheering, as I would have been if I had been there and witnessed it for my self. Films are a passion for me and it is for moments like those that I love to write about them in a blog I keep. I am always looking for resources due to the amount of traveling I due for work and the research has to be done while I’m traveling. When talking with a colleague of mine who also works for Dish Network about the October 1st launch of Dish Network’s new package The Blockbuster Movie Pass I was thrilled as this was just another way they are making my life easier and more fun. Welcome live streaming! It seems like they are always coming up with fantastic ideas especially for individuals like me who have to travel frequently for work. Yet, still must maintain a passion that is very important to me that I would usually do at home. The Blockbuster Movie Pass will now be a combination of two of Dish Network’s prestigious packages the Dish Platinum and the Blockbuster by Mail package allowing me to stream thousands of movies with my laptop or my Dish receiver. How fantastic! I also now have access to thousands of DVD movies, TV shows and games by mail with unlimited exchange necessary for the elegant movie blog I have been hosting for years. It remotely streams directly to my laptop for TV if need be expanding my resources by a huge amount. Therefore, I can research the information I need from the film standpoint while looking into the media aspect as well which covers all the research necessary for the blog, $10 a month seems like a small price to pay for so many people’s enlightenment. My boyfriend is thrilled with the amount of video games available in this new package so that also makes me happy. Upon returning home, I can be at peace knowing that I can just write the blog entry to stimulate the new conversation topic, which is always, relaxing for me.

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