This is a conversation that took place while riding my bike last night.

*Kid on skateboard: Hey! (as I was riding by.. he was probably 16 or 17)

*Me: Hey.

*Kid: You live in this neighborhood?

*Me: No.

*Kid: You in highschool?

*Me: No, I’ve been out of highschool a LONG time.

*Kid: Oh, so you’re in college?

*Me: No, I’ve been out of college a LONG time too.

*Kid: You married?

*Me: Yes, I am.

*Kid: Oh well that’s cool. You should come hang out with us sometime.

*Me: Right!  I’ll get right on that!  Nice to meet you. 

And I rode off.

Not sure how to take that.  But being mistaken for a college age girl feels really good right before my 34th birthday!  Haha!

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